Monday, 12 May 2014

100% Megan Nielsen

Hi there!  I know it's been ages since I've written a post but I'm baaack! I've been very busy at work but still managed to dedicate most weekends to sewing (if not blogging) prior to leaving on a vacation to the US a couple of weeks ago. 

I have had to plan and think out my closet for this trip, as I will be gone for two whole months, and I wanted to stay true to my RWT Fast.  The planning has paid off.  Only the second week into this holiday and I've gone from balmy shorts and tshirt weather in Hawaii and LA to snow in the Sequoia National Park and the Grand Canyon to a night out on the town in Las Vegas.  And everything required so far for these extremes I have found in my luggage due to planning.  

 I like to travel light so my bag is one size up from a carry on cabin bag.  Admittedly, it is packed to the brim and I need to sit on it to zip it up, but it also ensures I won't be buying anything else as nothing else will fit in there.  And as I made pretty much everything I packed except for a few items purchased pre RWT Fast, I am very unlikely to get rid of clothing just to fit more in.  It's all psychological.  

The only purchase I have made so far is 2.5 metres of silk from Michael Levine's Fabric store in LA.  It squishes up nicely and fits into a ballet flat in my luggage.  This store is located in the garment district in LA and I was truly astounded at how large the area is and how much was on offer there.  

Anyhow, here's a couple of pieces I made for this trip - it's 100% Megan Nielsen.  The top is the Briar which was an easy make with the serger, and her Virginia leggings in a wool jersey.  That was even easier than the Briar.  I made no changes to either of them.  The aliens are compliments from a little town called Baker.

I'll keep putting up posts as I go, and we can see how well my travel wardrobe was or wasn't planned for at the end of the two months.  How much planning do you put in for holidays when it comes to clothes?

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