Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Back to Work Dress

This week I started work again after the break.  It has been exceptionally hot here in Australia with temperatures down south here hitting the high 30s (celsius).  I usually park a couple of kilometres away from where I work to ensure I get my daily quotient of exercise in - I am definitely not a gym goer!  I much prefer the fresh air, and my daily walk takes me through the parks and the lake.  It's a lovely way to start and end each working day.

I consider myself lucky that I am not required to wear a suit to work, and therefore can pretty much wear what I like (to a certain degree).  My criteria for work clothes are I must be able to walk or ride my bike in it.  I don't tend to wear trousers as I am usually in my walking/gym shoes until I get to work, where I change into heels.  Trousers without heels tend to drag on the ground whilst I walk to work, or get stuck in the chain of my bike.

With the high temperatures this week, I wanted to make a dress which ensure I stayed cool enough during my walk to work, and also be dressy enough for work.  It also had to be easy to make as I wanted it and I wanted it NOW!  So, I chose Butterick 4789 by Maggy London and made not one...but two of them!

Here is the one I wore yesterday. 
I made this in a size 12.  It is very easy to make (it only has two pieces) and the only change I made was to shorten it by 4 inches. 

I got a lot of compliments on the style and the colour at work.  And it was cool enough to walk to and from work in as well. 

I will post the other one I made at a later date.  I didn't want to wear both of them in the same week, even though the prints on both were quite different.  It's flattering and so easy to make that I think I make more in different prints!  Do you do the same when you find a pattern you like? 


  1. Like your dress very much :) I tried to find the pattern on Butterick site, but with no success. Is it out of print now?

  2. I think it is out of print. It was very popular when it came out and I've only just managed to make it.