Friday, 3 January 2014

First day of 2014 - Saltspring Dress

Well the weather here has been 30+ degrees Celsius for the past week.  I made this dress on new year's day as everyone was recovering from the night before.   It is a cotton voile Saltspring dress.  It's cool, flowy and comfortable.  The elastic waist is especially good after the countless meals I have had during this holiday period which has been spent catching up with friends and family - usually over a meal.

This is actually the second Saltspring I have made.  I lowered the bodice lining by an inch this time around, and I did not attach a zipper as I was able to pull it over my head.  I think if I make another one, I will lower the bodice by a further inch, and take some of the fullness out the skirt. But like most ladies who have made this dress, the pockets are a real bonus. 

You will have to excuse the bad photos and the crooked foot pose whilst I work out how to get my camera and my posing working together. 

I am not back at work for another week, and I hope to get more dresses made - both for work and for weekends - during my time off.  I am also moving house at the same time, which will definitely limit the time I have to sew, but I will be putting in as much time as I can!  How much sewing are you girls hoping to get in during your holidays? 

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