Wednesday, 8 January 2014

The Big Closet Clean Out

So, for the last couple of days I have been cleaning out my closet with a vengeance!  This action is inspired by a couple of other RWT Fasters.  It is amazing how much I have managed to accumulate since my last cull 5 years ago.  I admit that I have kept a few items which I probably shouldn't have, but they are lovely sequinned and beaded dresses I got whilst travelling through SE Asia and hold some lovely memories for me...and if I lose weight (how many times have we said this???) I may fit back into them one day.

So, here are the piles of clothes I managed to sort through.  The one closest is the keep pile.  The ones behind are the discard piles which I will pass onto others.  Only a very small volume were thrown out due to stains.  I am ashamed to say there were also a small number with their tags still on them as well.

After hanging up my 'keep' pile of clothes in the closet, I know I need to cull again - do I really need 6 black pencil skirts for work???  I have also decided that I am not really good with separates, and much prefer dresses for both work and play.  They are so easy to throw on and accessorise (if I want to) and just walk out the door.  No need to try on 3 different tops with a skirt, before deciding I still look fat and that nothing really matches, and then deciding to start all over again with another which time I am 30 minutes late for work (again!).  Does anyone else have this problem?

Over the holidays I also read "Overdressed - the Shockingly High Cost of Fashion".  It is quite an eye opener and was one of the reasons I joined RWT Fast 2014.  I also recognise the fact that I stopped sewing my own clothes when the fashion in the shops became so cheap that it was not worth my while (never mind the poor fit and bad fabrics) sewing them back in the 90s.  Prior to that I had always sewn my own clothes as it was more feasible to do so financially as a uni student.   It is also from my throwback sewing days that I have some very lovely good quality cottons, linens and silks in my stash currently.  Jersey and stretch fabrics were never that widely available back then. 

Anyhow, I have sewn another summery dress to end the holidays with and have started on a back to work dress as well.  I will post those soon.  My thoughts go out to all of the RWT Fasters in the US - I hope you are all safe and not being too badly affected by the freezing temperatures there.

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